The Rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) Video Services

The convergence of the Internet and TV is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry and has the potential to transform the market for broadcasters, operators and content owners. Cloud based over-the-top (OTT) video services are gaining in popularity with the consumers because they offer a plethora of choice and ease of access to content. The cloud based OTT video services market currently enjoys an explosive growth phase. Broadcasters, carriers and content owners alike agree that OTT distribution presents new revenue opportunities, while bringing innovation to the industry and providing opportunity for sustainable future growth of their businesses.

Telecom operators are standing at a critical crossroad. With a continuous decline in profit from voice and messaging services – thanks in no small part to the adoption of services such as Google Voice, Skype, Whatsapp, among many others – operators must explore their options and seek out new revenue streams. The adoption of OTT technologies will allow operators to provide consumers with a true multi-screen experience and feed their customers’ video appetite even when they are off the managed network.

Video Service Provider Challenges

Broadcasters, operators and content owners face several unique challenges while rolling out cloud video services. To survive and succeed in this market, video service providers need to:

  1. Innovate and iterate rapidly
  2. Delight their customers and partners
  3. Run their back-office operations efficiently

Existing OSS/BSS and ERP systems are inflexible, expensive and take too long to implement. Video service providers need a new class of business management system to thrive in the marketplace

Introducing Evergent

Our mission at Evergent is to enable business success for video service providers. We are a team of veterans who have developed and deployed back-office and subscriber management systems for several leading service providers all over the world. We offer a carrier grade Cloud Business Management suite, available both-in private and public cloud configurations, enables service providers to generate more revenue, delight customers and partners and run their back-office efficiently.