Evergent is the leading provider of business management solutions that enable business success for service providers. Evergent’s enterprise-class Cloud Business Management suite, available in public and private cloud configurations, enables service providers to generate more revenue, delight customers and partners and run their back-office efficiently.

Service Product Management

Evergent’s Service Product Management module enables video service providers to define and manage all their service offers. Using this module, service providers can manage various service packages, bundles, promotions, discounts, territories and channels. Service Product Management module publishes the service configurations and details into service catalogs that can be integrated into service providers’ websites. Evergent also offers eCommerce and service ordering capabilities on service providers’ websites.

Service Customer Management

Evergent’s Service Customer Management module provides comprehensive subscriber acquisition, management and self-service solutions for cloud service providers. Evergent’s subscriber life-cycle management capabilities includes lead capture, account set-up, contact information, service details, order processing, order history, ticketing, and complete accounts receivable and collections management. Evergent enables cloud service providers to provide self-service and provisioning services to their subscribers. Subscribers can access account information, modify or upgrade products and services, view, and pay invoices through a personalized portal.

Service Partner Management

Evergent’s Service Partner Management module is an all-inclusive partner management, royalty tracking and settlement solution for video service providers. Evergent’s solution includes a user-friendly interface to record and store partner agreements, create revenue share allocation rules, and automate partner payments. Evergent supports all common partner payment methods and the most popular currencies around the world.

Service Revenue Management

Evergent’s Service Revenue Management module is the most comprehensive and flexible billing solution for cloud service providers. Evergent’s billing engine gathers usage and subscription data from the customer management system to determine billable amounts for each active subscriber. Evergent’s billing system supports all major currencies, payment methods and tax systems throughout the world. Evergent’s billing system is highly scalable and supports millions of transactions per day.

Service Operations Management

Evergent’s Service Operations Management module enables service providers to process service orders and provision customers efficiently and stay on top of account receivables and payables. Evergent’s comprehensive reporting capabilities provide 360-degree views of every customer and partners. Evergent also provides in depth reports by time period and trends on various key metrics such as Total Active Customers, Total Active Subscriptions, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Total Contract Value (TCV), Bookings, Billings, Collections and Renewals.