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Evergent has a proven track record of launching and scaling products for sports OTT businesses over 10 years. So whenever your business takes you, we’ll be there to support you.

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Key Takeaways

  • Both provide customisable, end-to-end payment solutions for Sports OTT businesses. Additionally, Evergent also has solutions for every OTT feature like cataloging, reward program management and others
  • Both help deploy solutions in a few weeks time
  • Both offer solutions for retention and churn management
  • Both operate on a pricing model structured on number of managed users

Evergent Vs Cleeng - Where Evergent Wins

Functionality Comparison  

Seamless migration of payment and password tokens

Launch and migrate millions of subscribers in weeks with zero disruption to user experience.


High-complexity mixed monetization models

Experiment different monetization models, e.g. offer passes for one game, or for a team’s matches. Configure charges directly to subscribers’.


Auto-scaling infra for live events

Support surges of millions of users during live events, without worrying about downtime or errors.


Support 5 million concurrent users per minute at no additional costs

Big games around the corner? Support the additional surge of users without worrying about costs.


Manage product & pricing for multiple geos via single window workflow

Manage different pricing plans for same/different league games through a single dashboard.


Native support for loyalty programs

Manage all your fan engagement programs like referral, gift a subscription, loyalty discounts and more from the same platform.


Native support for merchandise bundling

Integrate your e-commerce platform and have orders sent directly for merchandise purchases from fans


Work with payment providers of your choice

Collect payments across different countries with 
providers other than just Adyen


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