Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Seeking Funding For Your Startup

Published in Forbes on 24 Jan 2019

You have a great idea for a startup — what’s next? Well, unless you’re a millionaire who can fund the creation of a new company entirely on your own, you’ll probably need to seek investment. There are exceptions, of course, but most companies will have to spend money to make it, whether it’s to hire a team of employees, create a website, market a product or service, or do all that and more.

As a founder, it’s difficult to know where to start looking for funding. Maybe you feel like your idea is too small for venture capital, or you don’t want to give up partial control of your organization. Whatever your misgivings, it’s important to understand that investors can offer more than just money, and their experience and advice will be even more important if you’ve never started a business before.
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