As OTT Gains Ground in Live Sports, Traditional Broadcasters May Be Left Behind

Published in ReadWrite on 10 Dec 2018

As traditional broadcasting channels lose ground to emerging competitors, all signs point to over the top services as the future of streaming television. The $46.5 billion in revenue that OTT channels earned over the course of 2017 is projected to grow to $83.4 billion by 2022, and OTT growth is second only to virtual reality in the media industry.

Of course, the OTT future isn’t perfect, and viewers were right to be critical of Hulu after the company’s live subscription service cut off the last climactic moments of the 2018 Super Bowl. Sports OTT services and pay-per-view streaming sports events will have to overcome growing pains and deliver a reliable viewing experience. Services will have to scale like never before, and everyone from content distributors to network operators and broadcasters alike will face some level of change.
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