WEBINAR: War on Churn


Churn is bad. We all know that. But just how bad? A recent article says that TV customers are notorious for starting and stopping new OTT services. Some analysts report that OTT service providers have churn rates higher than 50 percent in some cases. Your churn rate is key to improving revenue. Want to know more?

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to use segmentation and triggers inside of Evergent’s platform to identify your high-risk churn candidates
  • Understand how to reduce involuntary churn rates and better understand customer retention rates

Charles Breed, Evergent’s Vice President of Corporate Development, leads the discussion, and walks you through the best ways to address customer churn issues. Charles has 25+ years of experience, was a former SVP of Amdocs/Vindicia, and holds a CISSP and an MBA.