Advertising Marketplaces and Monetization

Though the combination of data and technology have made advertising to today’s consumer more precise, advertisers, publishers, and agencies working in the advertising marketplace still face challenges managing complex partner ecosystems and monetization models. Challenges include:

  • Inability to support complex clearinghouse business models
  • Complexity in managing revenue settlement between publishers, advertisers, and agencies
  • Multiple revenue management platforms and inaccurate financial information
  • Difficulty managing contractual revenue-share agreements
  • Revenue leakage

Evergent provides an advertising billing and payment system that supports billing, invoicing, revenue sharing, taxation, partner onboarding, partner management, settlement, and financial reporting across clients and partners.

The Evergent platform enables ad marketplaces to:

  • Simplify complex ad transaction models, settlement rules, and multitier revenue allocation
  • Settle transactions between ad platforms, agencies, advertisers, publishers, content distributors, MVPDs, and more with a single revenue management platform
  • Support multiple ad and transaction types for both content and digital advertisers
  • Go beyond borders and transact business with multiple languages, currencies, payment gateways, and tax rules
  • Interface with existing billing and payment systems for account payments and receivables

“Ad spending on digital media is expected to overtake traditional media in 2019. … By 2019, digital media will account for 55% of total media ad spending.” — eMarketer

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