Live and Streaming Sports

Viewership for broadcast live sports has been declining across multiple markets. In 2018, both the Super Bowl in the United States and the Olympic Games in South Korea saw fewer viewers than expected, and the NFL’s drop-in ratings over the past few years has been widely reported. An increase in over-the-top, or OTT, sports streaming options is a big part of the decline, and there are more ways to watch sports for free than ever before.

If OTT sports streaming is to be the future of watching sports, all aspects of the experience must be able to scale, including the business processes underlying the subscriber experience.

In addition to delivering very low levels of latency, OTT providers must contend with multiple purchase types such as pay-per-view for one-off events and subscription passes for season-long viewing. They’ll also need to accept multiple currencies for a global audience and many payment methods that include credit cards, PayPal, mobile carrier billing, and more. And for major events such as the Super Bowl or World Cup finals, they will need to authenticate and check entitlements for tens of thousands of subscribers each second immediately before the big game.

OTT sports platforms must also put forth a significant effort to combat churn each season and to keep their audience coming back in spite of the growing range of viewing options.

Evergent helps providers of OTT and PPV sports provide a scalable, reliable user experience. We are a global leader in cloud-based user and revenue lifecycle management for OTT sports and digital content providers in 150 countries around the world. We can help you build new subscription and OTT video services, reduce churn with optimized promotions, and quickly deploy services to the fan and the superfan.


“In the face of intensifying competition from alternative entertainment formats, brands and rights holders need to wake up and smell the coffee. We are fast approaching a tipping point where digital will overtake linear in terms of media consumption, and so sports content will need to find creative ways to appeal to fans that are ‘digital first’ in order to maintain their attention.” — PwC Sports Survey 2018

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