Offer and Catalog Management

Imagine you could dynamically configure a catalog with thousands of different offerings, bundled services, location-based offerings, retail tie-ins, gift cards, or discounted promotions? Imagine how this type of catalog management solution could reduce your churn and enhance your monetization efforts.

And unlike legacy system offerings that might take months to build — causing you to miss real-time offer management opportunities — what if your offer management system allowed you to configure, price, and quote offers to customers faster than ever possible before?

The Evergent Product Management Module provides you with comprehensive flexibility to create content bundles, promotions, coupons, discounts, freemiums, and personalized products. It lets you offer thousands of options to keep your customers engaged, happy, and loyal.


Our offer and catalog management solution allows you to:

  • Configure, price, and promote each offering as needed
  • Develop and test coupons and discounts of all kinds, from free offers and promotional pricing to new customer pricing and more
  • Develop triple-play, quad-play, and other bundles that combine video with other offerings
  • Provide offers tailored to specific sales channels, device types, or other customer segments
  • Tie in new offers with retail promotions

Global OTT TV and video revenue will reach $64.78B in 2021; a massive increase from $4.47B in 2010 and $29.41B in 2015.



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