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Accelerate Acquisition, Retention and Growth for OTT Streaming Services

Nearly a decade into the adoption of OTT video technology, the choice is the name of the game for consumers who love to watch their favorite content over any number of streaming platforms. With consumers in full control of when and where they watch content, the ability to offer subscription packages and promotions that are tailor-made to appeal is critical to a platform’s success. Finding ways to put consumer value back into focus will be the key to acquiring, retaining, and growing your service.

Whether you are adding a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) video offering or merely looking to roll out new OTT video packages or bundles rapidly, Evergent is the expert in providing revenue and customer management solutions for OTT video providers.

Evergent’s portfolio of cloud-based subscription management software lets you-

  • Reduce Time To Market – Capitalize on market opportunity to engage subscribers by launching in days, not months.
  • Enable New Business Models – Explore hybrid business models including digital and non-digital services risk-free.
  • Achieve True Agility – Seamlessly launch across multiple geographies for maximum uptake.

SaaS is in our SVOD DNA

Not all cloud-based solutions are created equally. Evergent’s platform is truly cloud-agnostic across any number of cloud providers. Tune into this webinar with Amazon Web Services to learn how Evergent’s cloud-first approach differentiates itself above all other subscription billing and management platforms.

The Global Over the Top (OTT) Services Market size is expected to reach $179.9 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 14.3% CAGR during the forecast period.


Revenue Management That Scales

OTT revenues are expected to exceed $1 billion in 19 countries by 2025 – the great “unbundling” is happening at an accelerated rate- consumers are in the driver’s seat to build their customized content for consumption. It’s critical to have a platform with a breadth of functionality to keep you competitive.

So what does all this mean? It means scale matters. Moving quickly to capitalize on fleeting moments matters and having a technical architecture that offers the freedom to partner or pivot quickly on region-by-region basis matters. The ability to capitalize on these advantages will determine which streaming companies will succeed in a forever-changing market.

What our Customers are Saying


“Our subscribers are really enjoying our new platform, and Evergent’s support through the process has been fantastic. Since the launch, Neon’s new platform has seen customer engagement increase 300% and already recognised with an award for the best streaming provider at the Broadband Compare Awards.” — Ricki Taiaroa, Head of Entertainment Streaming Sky New Zealand, NEON

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“We are gearing up to launch in 25 countries, and I absolutely couldn’t imagine doing that with dozens of different subscriber management tools. Evergent is helping us scale as we finally have the tools to pursue a rapid and successful global expansion.” Emily Powers, EVP and head of North America, BritBox

Global Video Growth

Some ecosystems are just better. Find out what some thought leaders from across the OTT video’s best technology platforms have to say about video growth in unprecedented times.