Bango and Evergent Technology Partnerships in Digital Services

October 02, 2020

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Building brand loyalty in the digital subscription space can be a tall order as we tailor product bundles and packages for consumers who want it all on their terms. Enabling our customers with technology integrations that eliminate friction and boost experience is critical to meeting those consumer terms. Pressure continues mounting to improve ARPU by creating a true value-added service. Media companies, service providers, and content owners understand that a pillar to driving brand loyalty through value-added service lies in the value of a strategic technology ecosystem that provides significant value add to the consumer's experience.

Strategic Ecosystems that Drive Value

At Evergent, we believe one size doesn’t fit all – it’s the core driver when selecting our strategic technology partners. We seek partners who fundamentally align on a simple vision: create flexible, agile platforms that allow new services to be launched quickly and drive value for media companies and consumers alike.

You may have seen in the news this week that our technology partner network is growing with the addition of Bango, a data-driven commerce platform. Bango, whose global merchant network includes Amazon, Google, and Spotify, makes them the perfect partner for helping media companies create seamless consumer experiences. The Evergent and Bango integration will benefit consumers and video providers alike: for consumers, this integration eliminates friction for the wider adoption of additional streaming services. For video providers, this will boost user acquisition, strengthen retention and remove friction for media companies and telcos seeking to keep subscribers engaged.

The first solution is already live in the USA and has expanded with the launch of Bango Resale technology to power a leading LatAm operator offering OTT streaming services. Both the video and payment providers will benefit from optimized revenue performance and customer experience through unique Bango technology.

Bango + Evergent Integration Benefits:

  • Accelerating time to new revenue
  • Consumer experience is seamless
  • Upsell and ARPU benefits can be upwards of 15%
  • Churn risk declines

Interested in driving true value by becoming an Evergent partner?