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Evergent Captivate Product Suite

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Captivate Essentials

A multifaceted toolkit of features and functionality to proactively prevent both voluntary and involuntary customer churn.

Payment Optimization

Advanced Dunning

Specialized Offers

What You Get


Loyalty Rewarded

Provide your customers with the ability to accrue and redeem loyalty points.


Segmented Service

Personalize your customer experience with offer displays aligned with specific customer segments or categories.


Dunning Treatment

Put advanced dunning rules to work for you by setting up retry configuration according to payment type.

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Essentials Features

Account Updater

Alternate Payments/Gateways

Advanced Dunning Rules

Step-down Charging

Segmented Offers

Loyalty Points

Pause & Resume

Use Every Retention Tool At Your Disposal

From proactive account updates to payment gateway maintenance, step-down charging and service breaks, we’ve thought of everything to equip you with the customer retention Essentials.

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