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Evergent Captivate Product Suite

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Captivate Proact

Put technology to work for you to analyze customer data and avert churn before it happens.

AI/ML-based Churn Prediction

Advanced Data Analytics

Targeted Promotions

What You Get


It’s “Minority Report,” But For Churn

Evergent advanced machine learning model predicts churn and triggers an appropriate promotional response.


Understand Customer Inside and Out

Intelligent insights on churn candidacy potential via payment failure, affordability, billing information validity and more.


Exploratory Data Analysis

Employment of solutions including anomaly detection, customer personas and recommendation engine to the benefit of your business.

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Proact Features

Customer Segmentation

Configurable Actions

Personalized Offers

Solve Churn Before It Happens

Your own customer data leads the way through real-time insights and advanced analytics at your fingertips.

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