Use Speed to Your Advantage

April 19, 2018

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Evergent = Speed = Fast Implementation and Market Readiness = Your Competitive Advantage

Video service providers are undergoing dramatic change. New competitors and big established players are taking over and dominating the market. Feature wars are rampant. From providing more content to offering viewers more choice, and from linear TV to live and on-demand Internet services, consumers are changing the way they watch content, and video service providers are scrambling to keep up with the latest trends. Many believe that even more acquisitions will be happening in the coming years. As a video service provider, you need to be ready. Speed to market/implementation is crucial to outmaneuver, outdistance, and outperform your competitors today. And in this hyper-accelerated marketplace, the last thing you need is any part of your solution delaying the rollout of new services to your valued customers. By working with a company that offers you broad functionality from the beginning, there is no lag time to add new features and enhancements.

Here are some of the advantages we think all video service providers should look for in a solution:

  • An All-Cloud Solution with no on-premise servers required. In most cases, video service providers are looking for a modern, high-quality, frictionless, cloud business management system.
  • A Mature Product with a track record of success. Working with a company like Evergent that offers a richer feature set than most competitors on the marketplace can work to your advantage in a big way. It means that when you have a new requirement or want to take advantage of an opportunity on the fly, you won’t have to wait for a custom build. Sometimes what may seem like a custom change to you may simply be a setting change if the company you are working for has enough built-in product flexibility. This means you can get a ‘custom advantage’ without the lag time in custom development and waiting period.
  • A High Number of APIs (400+) allows you to get a head start on your competition. An article in Techcrunch talked about “software is eating the world,” and the fact that “APIs provide that critical connective tissue and increasingly important functionality….While getting to market more quickly at a lower cost is a huge advantage, there is an even more important advantage: Companies that focus on their core capabilities develop differentiated functionality, their ‘secret sauce,’ at higher velocity.” The bottom line here? Work with a company that has a huge number of APIs since setup can take anywhere from four to six weeks on a project schedule, and if they have 400+ APIs already, you may find they have exactly what you need.
  • A Fast Project Launch Window - Standard project launches can take six months or more — can you afford to take that long with your OTT project? Work with a company that can do it in 90 days or less like Evergent. Even if we are only part of your solution, this time advantage can be a huge benefit.
  • An International Focus and Reach - Work with a company that already has an international focus in all ways. Evergent has teams around the globe — in the U.S. in Sunnyvale, Los Angeles, Boston, and Denver, and internationally in Brazil, Singapore, and India. That global reach translates into easy access for project planning, implementation, and ongoing support.

In fact, the Evergent User Lifecycle Management Platform is already set up to support a customer’s international business. This makes global rollouts very straightforward and fast. We support a broad range of payment systems, royalty payments, taxation, etc. Learn more about how our global reach can benefit your global reach here.

If you are looking to go live with your OTT project quickly rather than months later, call us today to learn more.