Evergent Experience Rapid Growth in Global OTT Video Subscription Services – Expands Worldwide Team

April 10, 2017

SUNNYVALE, CA – April 10, 2017 – Evergent Technologies, Inc is pleased to announce the addition of key personnel across the company to meet the demands of our exponential growth in OTT and cloud video user management services as seen in 2017. We welcome the following new team members;

Charles Breed as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Charles reports to the CEO and will manage Revenue, Marketing, Partnerships, and Corporate Development. Charles has a strong technical background in payments and comes to Evergent from Vindicia/Amdocs and has held executive positions at Cisco, Symantec, and SAP.

Craig Barberich as the Global Head of Partnerships & Alliance at Evergent. Craig is a proven entrepreneur and executive leader and has success building and scaling disruptive digital solutions for large global markets. Craig is a recognized leader in his field of OTT Video Services, Digital Monetization Strategies, SAAS, Sales, Partnerships, Products, and Innovation. Craig joined the executive team at Evergent after several years at Zuora and held executive positions at both Adobe and Macromedia.

Lisa Gantman. The Director of Partner Programs is a welcome addition to Evergent, tasked to increase our brand awareness and content to make our partners successful. Lisa has years of experience as a Program manager developing and leading successful programs for the Symantec e-commerce portal that generated $2.3 billion in annual revenue. Lisa is well versed in Change Management, Metrics, Project Roadmaps and the best practice to ensure fast time-to-market for new innovation.

And most important is the growth of our engineering team. Evergent added 20 resources to its engineering team over the last 6 months and is on track to hire over 30 new resources during the next 12 months. This has required the team to expand office space and take over three floors at our Hyderabad location.