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How Enhanced Revenue Management Ensures Consistent Recurring Revenue

June 15, 2023

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The growth horizon of the subscription industry expands by the day. AI and predictive analytics advancements have redefined how global entertainment is delivered to audiences. According to a Gartner survey, AI-enabled hyperautomation is one of the top 10 initiatives for high-growth businesses, giving paramount importance to AI-enhanced platforms. As this ecosystem evolves, subscription businesses must continue to refocus efforts on user engagement, retention, and customer-centric growth, rather than customer acquisition.

High-growth subscription businesses set themselves apart by deriving revenue and profits from customer education. Customer data, we’ve learned, truly sets the direction for targeted platform enhancements and user experience strategy developed from tailored segmentation.

Wait! Take a pause and ask yourself this question.

“What levers can transform this customer-centricity into a competitive advantage?”

The most direct response is to analyze your revenue versus cost graph. Identify the cost of acquiring your customer, which is mostly hidden, and compare it with the dollars you could make from every newly acquired customer. Is your revenue system equipped to grapple with tons of customer data, map it with your revenue data, and deduce predictions for your forecasted revenue? Does intelligent engineering back your revenue management strategy to promptly inform you, the decision maker, with the right insights?

To understand whether this application of unit economics adds up to profitability, you must first examine how connected your customers are with your platform and brand. There are ways to quantify and conclude how intertwined your customer value proposition is with your revenue and growth targets.

According to a report by Price Intelligently, a market-leading price analysis and monitoring platform, product pricing is a critical growth shaft, often overlooked by most subscription businesses. The report further suggests that if product prices are optimized by 1 percent, the average profitability is boosted by about 11.1 percent.

Value-Based Pricing

Smart pricing needs an in-depth understanding and analysis of customer choices per established persona. Value-based pricing model perfectly resonates with customer personas. Backed by real-time customer insights, value-based pricing determines the true willingness of customers to pay and what kind of pricing model suits their choices.

This type of pricing also expands the profit-maximizing margin for any subscription business, as every insight derived is straight from indirect customer conversations through surveys.

In a nutshell, value-based pricing enables profitability, delivers competitive products and services, and develops a customer-centric marketing game plan, eventually generating a reliable recurring revenue source.

Tiered Billing

An optimized revenue engine has built-in pricing tiers constructed for specific buyer personas. In this model, once a subscriber hits a functionality ceiling on a particular tier, they are upgraded to the next tier automatically based on need and functionality. The Evergent Core Billing module enhances payment flexibility with expanded content access based on entitlements, streamlining your overall revenue system for convenience. Subscriber analytics, used to back up any revenue system, is thus pivotal to conceptualizing and executing this model successfully.


The more transparent about money matters you are with your customers, the better will be your customer retention rate. Customers feel empowered by operating a plug-and-play subscription platform where they can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscriptions anytime.

An environment setup enabling tailored segmentation and unique viewing experiences is your ultimate culmination as an SVOD streamer. This communication exchange also brings a wealth of customer data to your doorstep, equipping you with a robust revenue management ecosystem offering a centralized view of all your billing operations.

The Evergent Monetization Platform (EMP) can optimize your revenue ecosystem with payment flexibility, mixed monetization models, and revenue hybrids that strengthen your monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

To explore the full picture of EMP’s monetization capabilities and how such functionality can strengthen your revenue system for accelerated growth and profitability, book a call with our team of experts today.