A True Slam Dunk: Enhancing Subscription Management with Evergent

Sports providers around the globe can agree on two things:

  1. Live sports programming today is more popular and technologically advanced than ever
  2. Monetizing that live event programming comes with its own set of challenges.

Whether those challenges include blackout restrictions, couch rights, seasonal churn reduction and support for channel sales and global payment processing, the right technology partner to deliver for and expand fanbases is a must.

Learn how the Evergent Monetization Platform (EMP) served as the ‘under the hood’ tech engine powering a globally recognized basketball league to achieve its global growth potential and monetize that feverish interest, all while disentangling internal complexity.

Key Outcomes

  • 60% growth in active subscribers since go live
  • Massive subscriber growth in the partnership’s rookie season
  • Integration ease with multiple payment methods
  • Rapid new feature rollout capability
  • Reduced operational complexity

Check out how Evergent can help sports entities big and small expand their fan bases and turn around any new offering quickly and easily.


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