Fireside Chat TVOT and Evergent

May 17, 2022

  • customer journey management
  • subscriber retention
  • user lifecycle management

Enabling a frictionless process is imperative in the customer journey. Customer experience must be hassle-free and flexible. Customer management has various components that impact their journey and retention. Be it identity management, transaction gateway, or subscription management – these elements can make or break the seamless process for your customers. AI/ML programs use data to learn how your customers behave and generate algorithms that enable businesses to become agile and reduce the overall time-to-market.

Join Tracy Swedlow and Vijay Sajja on Televisionation to understand customer journey management and how it can effectively offer a frictionless experience to subscription providers. Make the switch to building a reliable customer base.

Key Highlights:

  • Enabling a frictionless customer journey
  • Providing identity management methods
  • Using AI/ML data to learn the behaviors of users
  • Eliminating churn and improving retention
  • Building sustainable partnerships that improve subscriber retention and contribute to business scalability