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Captivate Product Sheet

The Evergent Captivate Product Suite is an innovative collection of tools purpose-built for subscriber churn management. Backed by artificial intelligence (AI), this product suite helps enterprises analyze, predict and prevent churn among their customer base.

Subscription businesses today must be equipped to respond to both forms of customer loss: voluntary, or active, churn in which the customer consciously cancels the service and involuntary, or passive, churn, in which the system cancels the service when unable to collect payment. The Evergent Captivate Product Suite is designed to address both forms of churn, providing precise, easy-to-use solutions to improve retention and increase the overall customer lifetime value (LTV).

The Evergent Captivate Product Suite for subscriber churn management includes:

  • Captivate Flow
  • Captivate Smart
  • Captivate Proact
  • Captivate Essentials

To discover more about each of these individual products and the possibilities this pioneering product suite offers, download our datasheet now.

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of churn management
  • How AI is incorporated into the solutions
  • An ultimate guide to superior customer experience

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