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Whitepaper Customer Retention: Improve Profitability by Reducing Churn

Customer Retention: Improve Profitability by Reducing Churn

An increase of as little as 5% in customer retention activities could result in up to 95% more in profits. Simply put, small acts produce exponential growth.

In this whitepaper from Evergent, you’ll learn why today’s most successful and proactive enterprises are willing to invest time and effort into strategies designed to hold on to those customers they worked so hard to acquire - and how they go about doing it. Along the way, you’ll gain insight into the Evergent Captivate Product Suite, offering easy-to-use solutions to improve retention and increase the overall customer lifetime value (LTV).

To discover more about this business-altering need and the possibilities of our pioneering toolset, download our whitepaper now.

In this white paper, we discuss

  • Reasons for churn and dangers of potential fallout
  • Playbook for multiple retention strategies
  • The importance and insights of critical customer data

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