The Internet of Things (IoT)

End-to-End Monetization Management

Corral the vast IoT landscape of complexities regardless of your business focus

  • Monetize Anything

  • End-to-End Integration

  • Launch with Ease

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A dynamic landscape of IoT possibilities and partner ecosystems demands flexible solutions capable of handling the resulting complexity in business model transactions, revenue settlements, contracts and more

How We Help

A portfolio delivering ease of configuration and accommodation for any IoT scenario

  • Plug ‘n’ play with our agile, out-of-the-box platform requiring no development and tech support

  • Cross bundling services across the value chain for an industry-spanning bundle and unified product catalog

  • Multi-regional & multi-currency services for, say, IoT-connected vehicles device tie-in needs

A customer use case

  • The Need

    A solution was required in response to the critical IoT use case of hazardous industrial control.

  • The Solution

    Smart city partnerships require sophisticated partner revenue settlement with Evergent delivering partner management, user management, billing, reporting, settlement catalog, royalty settlement capabilities and more among the cloud edge solution, IoT solution and device partner ecosystem.

"All of our customers are in the direct-to-consumer business. They have two main goals. They want to bring a service to market very quickly and, once the service is launched, based on market feedback, change things on the fly. We cover the products, packages, promotions, bundling and even bringing in third-party applications, and we do this across the globe."

Founder & CEO

  • UX-driven Account Hierarchy Creation

    IoT partner relationships easily maintained through Evergent UI using account hierarchies, along with settlements and revenue allocation

  • Partner Onboarding Ease

    Accommodate partner account details, ingest product catalog, contract management, settlement rules with product mapping and workflow engine. Partner self-service portals through self-service management module and sophisticated order management workflow

  • Covering all BU Cases

    Multi-business unit support for retail, wholesale and mixed IoT scenarios, covering unlimited parent/child /xchild hierarchies

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