The Time Has Come for A-La-Carte OTT

April 05, 2018

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1000s of Ways to Keep Customers Engaged, Happy and Loyal

Choice and independence. This is what today’s video consumers are demanding. In fact, according to a study[1] by TiVo last year, some 77% of consumers want a-la-carte TV and aren’t interested in paying for expensive TV packages with channels they don’t watch. These so-called ‘skinny bundles’ are gaining steam as cord-cutting continues and consumers want to pay less and get more of the shows they truly want to watch. Even an article in Forbes Magazine[2] declared that the future of TV is a la carte. It’s a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon and may become even more pervasive globally.

Imagine if you could offer your users complete freedom on their choice of TV/video channels that you own content rights to, and have far greater flexibility and speed in providing a wide range of promotional offerings to any device. If you are like most video service providers, you want to provide lots of different promotional options that leverage current news or timely events, retail tie-ins, restaurant coupons, and much more. But up until now, it has been too difficult and time-consuming to implement. Evergent changes that with its Dynamic Offer Management Platform. It makes it far easier for global video service providers to differentiate their offerings to users. Part of our Product Management Module gives you comprehensive flexibility in creating content bundles, promotions, coupons, discounts, freemiums, pricing, and personalizing products. It allows you to offer thousands of options to keep your customers engaged, happy, and loyal.

Our plug-and-play offer management solution provides two broad advantages: a true, a-la-carte offering and a way to develop dynamic promotions for competitive advantage.

The A-la-Carte Offering

Assuming you have content rights, this module provides a system for adding new products, packages, and promotions with tiered pricing and a broad range of attributes. Things like adding new channels in minutes, instantly changing the date or time range for offers, creating a pricing calculator within the channel shopping cart, and even letting the user add and delete channel offers.

Dynamic Promotions for Competitive Advantage

Along with the a-la-carte advantage, Evergent offers video service providers a dynamic offer management platform that changes the game on offers by providing far more ease of use and flexibility. We believe this has been the barrier all long, one we have cracked with our solution. Want to create a promotion for a weekend, a holiday, a specific time period, and/or to coincide with another scheduled event? With Evergent’s Dynamic Offer Management, you can offer a promotion that lets your customers binge on movies starring the beloved actor over a weekend or even offer it free for a limited time to entice more users or add more channels in one package to provide even more video value.

Evergent allows you to offer all of these customized promotions and coupons with complete ease of use and flexibility. And that means you can make it easy to personalize experiences for your user audience—giving you a competitive advantage in the market. Other advantages include:

  • Ability to engage more users and build loyalty
  • Gain flexibility monetizing offerings
  • Make it easy for your users.

Read our solution sheet to learn more. It includes checklists of things offered with the a-la-carte offering and the dynamic platform. Go to our Resources section to download the solution sheet and learn more about our solution.

[1] http://blog.tivo.com/2018/03/tivo-q4-2017-video-trends-report/