NEM 2023 Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, Dubrovnik

5-8 June 2023


Meet our team of experts

Estibaliz Rodero

Sales Director

Mircea Flamanzeanu

Director Business Development & Partner Alliances

Date: 5-8 June 2023

Address: Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, Dubrovnik

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Let’s collaborate and create futuristic business ideas at one of the world’s largest TV industry events!

Leverage Evergent’s growth monetization capabilities for your vision and global growth through the following capabilities and more:

  • Customer Intelligence – Design and deliver captivating offers and promotional campaigns with powerful insights from customer intelligence. 
  • Strategic Partnerships – Accelerate growth and build an agile platform through robust strategic partnerships.
  • Enhanced Churn Management – Build a customer-centric subscription business through AI/ML-led churn prediction capabilities.