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Evergent Monetization Platform

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Offer Management

Don’t let your customers slip through your fingertips. With Offer Management, you can market and deliver new products swiftly and engage customers to prevent churn.

Innovate Faster

Improve Customer Acquisition

Boost Retention Rates

What You Get


Offer Customization and Flexibility

Create offers with options for coupons and promotions using on-click/demand vouchers and coupon generation to support improved retention rates.


Win-Back Opportunities

Before customers have a moment to look elsewhere, win them back with promotion eligibilities and unique codes that determine their content discounts and access.


Market-Leading Capabilities

Capture your competitive advantages in action with the solutions you need to market innovative offerings faster to maximize customer acquisition.

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Online Video Platforms

Payment Gateways/Processors

Market Automation

Omnichannel Solutions

You Get What You Give

Gain total control and accessibility to market new products and customize campaigns. Offer Management provides solutions to satisfy your customers at every stage of their journey.

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