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Evergent Monetization Platform

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Entitlements & Content Management

Access resources that help you optimally manage entitlements and protect the heart of your business. Grant, oversee, and restrict a user’s access to software, services, or hardware with clear-cut control.

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Authentication Support

Enable entitlement orchestration via a 3rd party/OVP with the ability to manage various VOD formats, hardware, live events/sessions, and products.


Adjustable Architecture

Using the adaptor-based architecture, you can easily integrate with one or multiple external entitlement engines for entitlement push management.


Oversight and Control

Manage your offerings and entitlements by SKU with the ability to configure permissions based on defined prerequisites and set control parameters.

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Controlled Access, Granted

Expanding access to your offerings comes with the need to control usage and authenticate users. With Evergent’s Entitlements & Content Management module, you always control the keys to your kingdom.

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