Evergent Revenue & Royalty Management

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Gain flexibility for product pricing with a centralized control system to define products and different service types. The functional module supports the ability to establish product hierarchy, product-based pricing, and serves as a driving force for revenue sharing.

Maximize Revenue Sharing

Streamline Operations

Gain Transparency

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Standardized reports and dashboards provide you with a robust wealth of information using real-time data about subscriptions, payments types, financial performance, and more


Know Your Catalog

Want to know what’s drawing and keeping your subscribers tuned in? Find out the latest and greatest with up-to-date trend reports


Effective Marketing Campaigns

Gauge whether your marketing programs or payment methods are operating optimally and make any necessary adjustments efficiently and effectively

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Digital Mediation Systems

Ad Server and CMS

Provisioning and Partner Onboarding System

Elevate Your Partnerships

Evergent Revenue & Royalty Management equips you to support your partners’ goals. Streamline the intricacies that come along with every deal using customizable setups and automated workflows.

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