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Redge Technologies partners with Evergent for advanced monetization

January 05, 2024

Warsaw, Poland -- January 5, 2024 -- Redge Technologies, a provider of the leading end-to-end streaming platform in CEE and MENA, has formed a strategic partnership with Evergent, a global leader in customer management and monetization solutions for streaming and digital subscription businesses. The partnership will enable Redge Technologies’ customers to drive revenues and user retention through data-led insight and advanced subscriber management solutions.

Redge Media is a modular, scalable, end-to-end OTT solution trusted by global broadcasters and telcos. It consists of the Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and the Video Delivery Platform (VDP), which enable superior VOD and live streaming services. The VDP includes transcoding, multi-DRM, origin and CDN distribution. The SDP includes a content management system (CMS), integrated e-commerce functionality and supports video advertising, analytics, a CRM module and cross-platform applications. 

“Redge Media offers a world-class user experience with multi-tenancy and seamless integration with a wide range of add-on extensions from our partners. Our partnership with Evergent emphasizes the flexibility of our OTT platform, boosting its ability to generate revenue, enabling multi-level payments and growing our clients' businesses through data-driven innovation,”  said Marek Szymczak, Sales Director and Partner Manager at Redge Technologies.

Evergent is the world’s leading provider of monetization and subscriber management solutions that help media, entertainment, sports and telecommunications companies grow by engaging and retaining millions of customers worldwide. It enables the rapid launch of new direct-to-consumer (DTC) video services, reduces time-to-market for new products, and helps businesses unlock new phases of growth with personalized offerings and creative revenue strategies. Through the partnership with Evergent, Redge Media now offers a comprehensive range of services, including subscription management, flexible monetization options, royalties settlement, recurring revenue management, and customer retention strategies to cultivate brand loyalty. 

“An agile and efficient subscription management platform that delivers a superior user experience and aligns with your growth strategy is critical. We are delighted that Redge Media's customers can now benefit from our advanced solution that drives deeper user engagement through greater personalization, while providing an enhanced payment system and customer self-service,” said Vijay Sajja, founder & CEO of  Evergent.

About Redge Technologies:

Redge Technologies is a leader in OTT and edge computing technologies in CEE, present on the market since 2007. Part of the Play Group – a leading provider of telecommunication services in Europe. The company's flagship solution is Redge Media - the E2E OTT platform available in PaaS and on-premise models, consisting of a comprehensive Service Delivery Platform and Video Delivery Platform, including CDN operating in edge computing architecture. Redge Technologies has developed a software-defined DDoS mitigation solution, which allows multi-terabit scalability.


Evergent, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, provides customer relationship management tools for global digital media, entertainment and telecommunications providers. With customers in more than 180 countries ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Evergent creates flexible, user-friendly solutions that streamline CRM processes and maximize monetization efforts. Evergent is a leader in customer management and monetization for streaming and digital subscription companies. For more information, visit

Company information:

Redge Technologies Sp. z o.o.

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