Telecoms Need to Adopt a Digital-First Mindset to Compete With Digital-Native Streaming Services

February 26, 2019

In our increasingly digital age, telecommunications companies need to keep up with widespread technological changes and how it affects their markets — but research suggests they might not be doing so. The 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index Telecommunications report showed that customers expressed higher satisfaction with video streaming services (scoring 75) than with subscription TV (scoring only 62). In fact, satisfaction with subscription TV has fallen 3.1 percent since last year.

Why are telecoms losing subscription TV satisfaction? In its earliest era, TV was based on appointment viewing, which meant content was shown only when the provider aired it — and if you missed it, you missed it. Technology began to change that, and now, as on-demand services, DVRs, and streaming video abound, it seems absurd to arrange one’s life around the broadcast schedule. Viewers want flexibility and control. To achieve that, telecoms will need to adopt a digital-first approach to their processes.

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