Mux & Evergent | Subscriber Management + Video QoE and Engagement Data

April 02, 2024

  • Revenue Optimization
  • Subscriber Billing

In the dynamic landscape of subscription video services, understanding the full breadth of subscriber engagement is paramount for success. Everywhere you read it’s all about subscription fatigue, a very real challenge impacting service providers and cause for the year-over-year upticks in churn rates for services of all sizes

Now, while a single-digit churn rate, say 3% for Netflix, might not seem significant, keep in mind most figures are reported monthly and add up to annual churn rates over 50% for most streamers, according to the consumer measurement platform, Antenna. More than ever, the ability for providers to gather up reasons for churn, and analyze and address what is within their control is of great importance. It all begins with visibility and insight.

Consider the importance of knowing everything about your subscriber’s level of engagement, billing history and experience with your products or services whenever you communicate with that consumer. What goes into the decision-making process when a subscriber weighs the pro’s and con’s of a particular service can come from many angles: Affordability, quality of content, usage rate, payment pain and viewing experience, chief among them. The absence to date of a unified solution that integrates Video Quality of Experience (QoE) and engagement data with subscriber billing information poses a significant challenge for these providers. This gap in understanding has hindered their ability to effectively manage churn and foster subscriber loyalty. It’s like booking an important meeting at a restaurant without knowing anything about their food.

Enter the game-changing collaboration between Mux and Evergent. Mux is a leading technology provider for measuring Video Quality of Experience (QoE) on streaming and OTT apps. Developers and operational teams at large media & entertainment companies including Fox, Paramount, TF1, PBS, Optus, and others use Mux to monitor, identify and resolve viewer and device platform-level issues faster. By combining these advanced QoE analytics with Evergent’s robust subscriber management capabilities, the result is a groundbreaking blend that empowers OTT providers with a single-pane, end-to-end view of their consumers which fully unlocks AI-powered churn management strategies. This solution delivers comprehensive insights into the subscriber experience. Video service providers can now make those fully informed decisions that drive retention, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue growth.

Empowering Video Streaming/OTT with Unprecedented Insights

The integrated solution should break down silos, giving providers a holistic understanding of subscriber behavior. From the quality of the streaming experience to content consumption habits and billing interactions, every aspect of the subscriber experience becomes seamlessly integrated and easily accessible

Driving Retention and Loyalty through Informed Decision-Making

Armed with comprehensive insights, providers can deploy targeted retention strategies that resonate with individual subscribers. Whether it's identifying at-risk customers based on their streaming habits or delivering personalized offers and promotions, the solution should enable providers to engage with subscribers in a meaningful way. By addressing issues proactively and fostering deeper connections, providers can significantly reduce churn and increase subscriber loyalty.

Churn Management with AI

At the heart of our solution lies the power of artificial intelligence. By leveraging AI, Evergent can generate churn prediction with a lot more accuracy. Armed with these insights, providers can intervene proactively, deploying targeted retention tactics that resonate with at-risk subscribers. The result? A more proactive and effective approach to churn management that maximizes subscriber retention and long-term revenue potential.

A New Era of Subscriber Management

In an industry where subscriber engagement is paramount, our joint solution represents a paradigm shift. By bridging this gap between QoE, engagement, and billing data, Evergent and Mux have partnered to arm providers with intelligent insights to level up their subscriber management strategies and ultimately deliver better subscriber experiences. With comprehensive insights, targeted interventions, and the power of AI, providers can unlock untapped potential, driving retention, loyalty, and sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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