Tie a Bow on Another NAB Show

April 27, 2023

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If we were to sum up this year’s NAB Show - a fittingly celebratory Centennial edition - in a word, that’s a pretty good one to go with.

It truly was a fantastic few days of countless in-person connections with our customers, our partners, future customers and each other in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Evergent team was excited to once again join the rest of the broadcast, media and entertainment industry as we all converged in the desert to explore and advance the trends and innovations shaping our space.

It’s nice to continue that return to normalcy in our working lives, in the form of more face-to-face conversations, not screen-to-screen shares, with our peers, and the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event was another reminder of how far we’ve come. Though last year’s show was the first post-COVID event after a two-year hiatus, this year you could feel a real difference and general excitement to ‘get back at it’ among the estimated 65,000+ attendees, a 20% jump from last year’s reported turnout.

Meetups and More

Whether through prearranged sit-down or off-the-cuff show floor chat, opportunities to make meaningful, direct connections are not being taken for granted. We value every chance to listen to various needs and challenges defined and respond with potential solutions that could help a business monetize, scale and grow.

The pre-NAB Devoncraft Summit kicked off the weekend with its own impact. There’s not a more potent 1-2 punch around for mindshare, analysis, and network building with the industry leaders. We’re not just saying that because our Founder & CEO, Vijay Sajja, was on the C-Suite panel in addition to being given the honor of introducing the Summit’s CTO panel.

Bevy of Breaking News

We were excited to enter the Convention Center on the heels of recent dispatches for new additions to our product lineup, including our Evergent Revenue & Royalty Management launch and our just-announced Evergent Captivate Product Suite for subscriber churn management. Just as importantly, we were proud to highlight big-time developments among our partner ecosystem, including new locations where you can find Evergent offerings on the Google Cloud Marketplace and AWS Solutions Library as well as significantly expanded strategic partnerships.

Given all that news, it’s no wonder we had a lot to dig in and share during those in-person connections and, well, a lot to celebrate through organized events and impromptu gatherings with our friends from Microsoft, Quickplay, Google Cloud, Harmonic and more.

Light-Shedding Sessions

Connections abounded on a bigger stage as our team was given multiple forums to shed light on what we do best for digital services seeking growth and expansion.

These included:

  • A session featuring Evergent CEO Vijay Sajja along with executives from the NBA and Microsoft exploring how that trio fueled the NBA’s global streaming success
  • An instructive presentation on agile monetization by Naresh Singh, VP of Technology Transformation
  • A deep dive on customer retention - and our new Captivate products - by Shashi Kedilaya, VP, Product Management

For those who didn’t get to soak up those sessions in person, don’t fret as we will be making that content available in other forms shortly.

And for those who did not have the opportunity to meet our team in person at NAB, and are curious where to find us ‘out in the wild’ next in 2023.

We’ll be at Dubai’s largest broadcasting expo, CABSAT 2023, from May 16-18. For those planning to attend, let’s set up a time to meet.

In the meantime, take a moment to contact our team to explore how our growing portfolio of products including the Evergent Monetization Platform and our new Evergent Captivate Product Suite can help power your next big move.