Evergent CTV Monetization Guide

The boom in OTT streaming has resulted in a simultaneous rise in connected TV (CTV) usage. Until now, content has never been this widely accessible across so many platforms. When it comes to monetizing this highly targeted advertising vehicle, there is an abundant opportunity.

The CTV ad-buying transactions are complex.

With the recent changes in the technological landscape combined with the advantages of CTV advertising, it is evident that the industry is evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. The increase in CTV viewership is opening up new opportunities for advertisers to maximize the ROI and touch target audiences in an impactful way through CTV’s programmatic approach.

Our aim through this guide is to

  • To shine a light on best practices and common roadblocks that are a part of a successful CTV advertising strategy
  • Discuss suitable and agile revenue models for a better CTV ROI 
  • Evergent’s 3-step guide to crafting a CTV monetization strategy

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