Customer Testimonials: Evergent’s Impact on Subscription Management & Revenue Optimization

February 27, 2024

Customer Voices: Evergent's Impact on Subscription Management & Revenue Optimization

Explore the results that come from truly understanding your customers

We’re only as successful as our customers. And there’s been a lot of success

Shahid - 60% reduction in time to market

OSN - Multi-currency deployment in 23 countries in 4 months

Astro - TCO reduced by 30%

Sky TV - 300% increase in customer engagement

In this Evergent customer testimonial book, you’ll learn directly from companies spanning sectors and sections of the globe how we help grow their direct-to-consumer services, why they chose us and what about our partnership allows them to flourish.

To discover more about what we can do and how this applies to you, download our book today.

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