Solution Briefs Evergent and XroadMedia Partnership

Evergent and XroadMedia Partnership

When the ultimate result of a strategic partnership strengthens customer relationships through monetization, it’s the end user who is the biggest winner.

Bringing together Evergent’s customer management and monetization solutions with the innovative personalization services of XroadMedia will help ignite content intelligence to elevate Evergent’s offerings. XroadMedia’s ground-breaking personalization services will enable Evergent customers to improve retention with better upselling opportunities, based on information including unique profiles and user lifecycle stage.

To learn more about the true value of the Evergent and XroadMedia combination and how to add content intelligence to your strategy, download our latest collaborative brief now.

You’ll Learn:

  • Distinct capabilities of Evergent and XroadMedia
  • Solution enhancements and customer possibilities in store
  • The value of supercharged content intelligence

Additionally, please visit XroadMedia to learn more about our partner.

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