Rev Up Recurring Revenue: A Playbook for Streaming Profitability

April 08, 2024

Five Ways to Increase Video Streaming Profitability

Our latest Whitepaper, ‘A Playbook for Streaming Profitability’, explores several fundamental strategies video streaming companies of all flavors should consider to increase profitability and long-term customer retention. We present a range of simple, easy-to-fix changes in how streamers engage with subscribers that can add up to significant revenue gains across millions of customers.

Download if you’d like to discover:

  • How to fix the avoidable revenue leaks causing video streaming providers to leave profits on the table 
  • How to identify the real growth sources through rapid experimentation, strategic partnerships, and adaptive product offerings
  • Why getting closer to your subscribers is more important than ever
  • How to simplify global payments in a diverse billing landscape — driving increased revenues and fueling growth across markets
  • The real-world impact of AI in recovering at-risk revenue and proactively predicting and deflecting subscriber churn

Drawing on original insight gained from onboarding over 800 million subscribers in 180 countries for world-leading organizations — such as the NBA, Fox, Sony Pictures, BritBox and MSG Networks — this paper outlines a range of actionable takeaways and proven tactics video streaming providers can deploy today to improve profitability and enhance platform loyalty.