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  • Easy onboard for ongoing interests through frictionless purchase on-the-fly adjustments

One of the largest media and entertainment entities in America sought help grappling with the challenges of Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) content rights and limitations in preparation for a planned sports distribution platform launch across regional networks. The direct-to-consumer service launched mid-2022 across all markets in under 8 months and, powered with the configurable nature and flexibility of the Evergent Monetization Platform, topped over 180K paid subscribers within the first half year in existence, enables more than 10K live-streamed events annually, including up to 40 events simultaneously, and delivers a wide array of content selection, purchase, payment, viewing and promotional options.

Products Used

Evergent Monetization Platform


Sports Streaming


Anonymous Reviewer

Transformed D2C streaming platform, for a major sports association, with key features including subscriber and product subscription analytics to review data, improve customer engagement and minimize churn. Evergent technology also powered high-impact, concurrent live streaming, an enhanced user experience and a user-friendly, multi-tenant architecture supporting global payment gateways.

Products Used

Evergent Monetization Platform


Sports Streaming


Anonymous Reviewer

“When a customer walks through your door, you want to be able to offer them the right product and there are a lot of variables that go into determining what the right product is. At the end of the day, though, it is all about the customer, customer, customer - customer choice. What is the right content we provide as we move through the authentication all the way through the conversion or the purchase, as that funnel starts to narrow and those conversions tighten up our opportunity? What is the right content that we can offer to lead customers through the journey? Then, having tools like Evergent that allow us to set those rules, set those packages, to experiment and, if the experiment is not working, to quickly adapt our strategy to what our customers are asking for, not to what we believe the customer wants, but actually give them those opportunities.”

Ken DeGennaro
SVP, Media Operations & Technology, NBA

  • Payment Flexibility

    Optimized payment platforms powered by global payment gateways

  • Loyal Fan Support

    Enable the right loyalty programs to reward your subscribers based on identified spending habits

  • Insights Instituted

    What better avenue to add revenue streams than through an informed understanding of fan behavior. Strengthen your negotiating positions on media rights and commercial deals with a better-known fan base, informed by AI-derived subscriber insights

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