Celebrating Your Independence with Evergent’s Digital Commerce Bridge: A  Revolutionary New Era for Telcos

July 02, 2024

Enjoy the fireworks from faster partner onboarding, speedy new service launches and a digital-first customer experience delivered with no legacy system disruption

As we celebrate the annual spirit of independence across the U.S. this Fourth of July, it's a fitting time to reflect on the revolutionary advancements in technology empowering telco businesses to break free from traditional constraints.

One such breakthrough is Evergent's Digital Commerce Bridge for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

Just as the founding fathers envisioned a new future for the fledgling United States of America at the very first Independence Day celebration in 1777, Evergent visualizes a transformative future for CSPs, enabling these mobile and telco providers to onboard new partners with ease, launch new services faster, and deliver a digital-first customer experience—all without disrupting existing Business Support Systems (BSS).

Why CSPs Need the Evergent Digital Commerce Bridge

Today's competitive landscape demands that CSPs evolve beyond merely selling minutes and data. With new entrants continuously challenging the status quo, CSPs must innovate to retain and grow their subscriber base. Business leaders seek to forge new digital service partnerships, launch new offers, and stay ahead of disruptions. However, the scale of BSS transformation needed to meet these demands often raises concerns about timelines and costs.

Evergent's Digital Commerce Bridge addresses these concerns by providing a technology layer that enables subscriber journey transformation without disrupting the existing BSS. This ensures certainty of outcome and allows IT leaders to focus on strategic growth without the burden of a multi-year technology project.

Key Capabilities of Evergent DCB

  • End-to-End Digital Subscriber Journey: Create a seamless customer journey from onboarding to retention and self-care
  • Effortless Partner Onboarding: Use standard TM Forum APIs to onboard new partners and launch new services in days, not months
  • Unified Billing & Partner Revenue Settlement: Simplify billing and partner settlements seamlessly
  • World-Class Promotions Engine and Retention Tools: Enhance subscriber acquisition and retention with the world's leading feature set
  • Zero Disruption to Your BSS: Modernize legacy systems without major overhauls, enabling digital acquisition, retention, and partner management

The Evergent Advantage

Our confidence in these capabilities is buoyed by proven technology. We have the platform that delivers several advantages, making it an indispensable tool for CSPs:

  • No Overhauls: Modernize systems without major overhauls
  • Cloud-Based Efficiency: Benefit from the agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions
  • Iterative Implementation: Adopt a gradual, evolutionary approach to modernization, minimizing disruption
  • Built for AI: Leverage AI to improve the subscriber experience and drive intelligent business decisions

Real Results for Your Business

Evergent's solutions deliver tangible benefits, including:

  • Speed to Market: Roll out new features, services, and partnerships faster to stay competitive
  • Unlock Topline Growth: Experiment with new revenue streams and improve customer retention
  • Lower Opex: Reduce operational costs through efficient system management and subscriber self-care
  • Agility to Succeed: Stay ahead with the ability to offer new products, offers, and bundles with ease

Our Experience = Your Competitive Edge

Evergent's deep roots in operator BSS, combined with our expertise in the digital-first world of media, entertainment, video streaming, and PayTV, give us a unique perspective. We enable operators to pivot to digital service offerings without the high costs of updating legacy BSS.

This agility allows CSPs to bring new services to market faster, ensuring they don't lose a generation of new customers.

Evergent Customer Success Stories

  • Southeast Asian Multi-Service Operator: Achieved 60% lower TCO and 35% faster customer service TAT
  • Global Video Service for a Top Four Sports League: Reduced subscriber churn by 10% and grew subscribers by 77% in the first year
  • Middle Eastern Video Streaming Service: Supported 2800+ live events annually with zero disruptions, leading to a 300% growth in subscribers

As we commemorate Independence Day, let’s celebrate the freedom to innovate and transform. With Evergent's Digital Commerce Bridge, CSPs can break free from traditional limitations and soar to new heights in the digital age. Happy Fourth of July!

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