How Evergent’s Global Reach Can Benefit Your Global Reach

December 14, 2017

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  • Evergent User Life Cycle
  • global payments
  • global reach
  • user lifecycle management
  • video service providers

Almost all companies today work hard and bank on getting a global footprint. After all, it allows them to grow and prosper by diversifying their offerings, expanding their customer base, and generating more sales. We understand the issues video service providers may face as they venture into international waters. You’ve got to take into account local diversification, cultural differences, and much more.

The Evergent User Lifecycle Management System offers a global solution that will allow video service providers to thrive in the cloud services era. Are you offering a variety of payment types and methods? Are you offering micropayments in less-well-developed markets? If you are expanding to Latin America, will you be offering carrier billing? There’s a lot to consider — from keeping track of global payment, billing and tax to content rights, entitlements, provisioning and more. As you scale your business globally, it’s important that you work with a company that can scale with you.

Here are some of the ways Evergent can support your global reach:

  • Provides support for 150 global currencies
  • Offers dedicated geo support for partners and customers (billing areas can be defined by geolocation)
  • Software available in 6 languages and front-end for users available in 15 languages
  • Product deployed in 150 countries — 200+ million total accounts
  • AWS set up in nine global cloud nodes operating on five continents
  • Range of payment types: check, credit, debit, cash, coupons, Apple Store, etc.
  • Calculates taxes internationally
  • Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California we have offices across the United States in Boston, Austin, Los Angeles, and Denver, and internationally in India, Singapore, and Brazil.

Evergent offer a seamless, end-to-end user lifecycle experience from acquisition to support that helps you generate more revenue, delight your end-user consumers, and make your back-office far more efficient.