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Your brand of creative products and services deserves the equally creative monetization capabilities delivered by fully-configurable subscriber and partner management solutions

  • Speedy Market Expansion

  • Auto-Scaling

  • Superior Customer Retention

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Media & Entertainment enterprises in every corner of the world entrust Evergent to successfully stream, scale and expand

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The ecosystem managing all your subscriber and partner lifecycle management activities, including onboarding, provisioning, billing, retention and more

  • Product catalog and promotions engine flexibility for faster time to market to increase the reach - and revenue - of your service

  • Potent digital monetization and customer lifecycle management made simple

  • Maximize revenue streams and revenue realization with partners, including live events and third-party content-based revenue sharing

  • Sustainable brand loyalty through best-in-class customer retention using our specialized churn tools

“We are gearing up to launch in 25 countries, and I absolutely couldn’t imagine doing that with dozens of different subscriber management tools. Evergent is helping us scale as we finally have the tools to pursue a rapid and successful global expansion.”

Products Used

Evergent Monetization Platform


Over-the-top media service


Emily Powers, EVP and Head of North America

"Our customers are really enjoying our new platform, and Evergent’s support through the process has been fantastic. Since the launch, Neon’s new platform has seen customer engagement increase 300% and already recognized with an award for best streaming provider at the Broadband Compare Awards. From the beginning, we were mindful the transition was going to be pretty complex, but everything ran smoothly, and our customers are now benefiting from an improved product. We look forward to working together, delighting Kiwis with a vast choice of premium home-grown and international content."

Products Used

Evergent Monetization Platform



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Ricki Taiaroa, Head of Entertainment Streaming

A customer use case

  • The Need

    A global digital entertainment video-on-demand (VOD) platform sought the ability to enable rapid, global business scalability with reduced time to market. Additionally, the client wanted to extend the service to a multi-national SVOD OTT deployment with live event offerings.

  • The Solution

    The Evergent Monetization Platform (EMP) provided the client with seamless user registration and subscription management functions to help ease the onboarding process, and adaptive, pocketbook-friendly offerings for new subscribers on an as-needed basis. The client launched the platform across multiple continents and saw a nearly 50% increase in registered subscribers, integrating with 20 B2B partners and delivering nearly 400 live events with high concurrency.

“We are in the user engagement and monetization business. We help our customers acquire their subscribers with a frictionless buying journey. How do you eliminate friction when they are coming to your door?”

Founder & CEO

  • 360° view of both customer and partner accounts

    An informed, data-driven experience tailored to both end users and the partnership ecosystem, based on touchpoints throughout the user experience, in order to derive valuable insights into specific customer choices and partner needs, personas and potential pain points.

  • Rapid scaling during high-volume
live events, scale up to millions of subscribers and transactions

    Have the confidence to scale up to millions
of subscribers and transactions during high-volume live events with no drop in performance

  • True business insights at
your fingertips

    Leverage all available subscriber data available to elevate your platform experience and enable your delivery system to better envision, plan and execute every customer touchpoint based on the customer-data-infused insights delivered through our real-time reports and analytics.

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