eBook Turning the Page on Involuntary Churn

Turning the Page on Involuntary Churn

Even slight changes in involuntary churn rates can significantly impact your revenue. Secondary to customer acquisition, customer retention is the key to keeping the lights on. On average, churn can cost up to 30% of revenues, which can have a continuous and stifling impact on your organization’s growth ability.

Involuntary churn represents anywhere from 20-40% of overall churn, but the truth is that it is easily mitigated with the right technology platform. It is one of the easiest and most direct ways to increase customer lifetime value (LTV), leading to higher customer acquisition and retention percentages.

If involuntary churn isn’t managed proactively, it becomes harder to replace the lost customer volume needed to keep growing.

Through this eBook, we will be addressing

  • Churn management
  • Most common reasons for OTT churn
  • A tail of two churn types: involuntary and voluntary churn
  • Evergent’s series of strategies to reduce involuntary churn

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